Clever and straightforward: your own property in Mallorca 

Would you like to spend the best time of the year in your own holiday home or enjoy your second long-term home in Mallorca? Then it is time to buy your own property. Another opportunity for you could be to invest in a property to secure and increase your assets. In this case, it is for sure a profitable investment to buy a property on the dream island of Mallorca.

Our services around your property

If you want to remarkably increase the value of your property, a detailed renovation is the best option to implement it. We can help you to start and accompany this value-increasing renovation. As soon as your property shines in new gloss and is ready to be sold, our sales team will start to find a suitable buyer for you.

Rental – private and commercial
Would you like to offer your property for holiday rental? Our sales team ensures with targeted marketing and a database of over 5,000 VIP customers that the utilization is consistent during the year. Or do you prefer to rent your property commercially? In this case, our solicitor will be happy to take care of the relevant licenses that are required on-site.

Repair and maintenance
We carry out repairs on your property with our team of craftsmen. Care and maintenance are also part of our excellent services.